If McCain Is BSG, Then Is Gordon Brown The New Doctor Who?

Click to viewMany people have noticed the resemblance between Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Col. Saul Tigh, the one-eyed grizzled war veteran (who is secretly a robot) on post-apocalyptic soap opera Battlestar Galactica. But according to the New York Times, McCain isn't just Tigh — he's BSG itself. The whole show. Says Times reporter Alessandra Stanley, McCain has reinvented himself from his 2000 "anti-establishment maverick" version, just the same way BSG has revolutionized the campy 1978 original. (Tortured metaphor much?) But one thing confuses us: the new McCain is more religious and conservative. Is Stanley saying the new BSG is more right-wing and religious as well? Image from GreyFade. [News Busters]