Doctor Who's Ahearne Heralds The Future Of Marvel Comics?

Paul Cornell isn't the only Doctor Who creator breaking into comics. Joe Ahearne, who's directed some of the new series' first season, is also breaking in — and bringing the future of super-heroes with him.

Marvel's editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has confirmed rumors that Ahearne — who directed "Bad Wolf," "Father's Day" and other episodes from Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston season, before writing and directing British exorcism-happy drama Apparitions — will be writing the new series Fantastic Force for the publisher. The series features a group of superheroes from the future led by the son of the Incredible Hulk, as introduced by Wanted writer Mark Millar during his Fantastic Four run; Millar, unsurprisingly, is friends with Ahearne and has spoken many times about his love of Ahearne's work.

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