Ghostbusters Gets A 1950s Remake

If only time travel were possible, the third Ghostbusters movie could star 1950s comedy greats like Dean Martin, Bob Hope, and Jerry Lewis. Fortunately, one fan has cooked up a trailer for the 1954 Ghostbusters movie that never was.

Noting that the Ghostbusters films owe a great to old horror comedies, from Abbott and Costello flicks to the 1970s children's series The Ghost Busters, YouTube user whoiseyevan created this faux trailer from over a dozen films and TV shows, recasting Dean Martin as Ray Stantz, Bob Hope as Peter Venkman, and Fred MacMurray as Egon Spengler. And personally, I think the 1975 Ghost Busters theme is a great improvement.


[via Coilhouse]