New Tekken Stills Prove You Can Make Video Game Characters Sluttier In Real Life

Fighting game Tekken has released a batch of new movie stills from the live-action movie adaptation. And while we're still waiting for the cheetah-headed King character, we're shocked that actors are actually showing more skin than in the video game.

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Not that we're complaining, but we've found that live action adaptations always seem to make their characters quite a bit more conservative than their video-game counterparts. Not the case for Tekken, except for maybe Christie Montiero, the real life characters are predominately much less conservative than their CG personas.

Check out the side-by-side comparisons. We have to say, after viewing the trailer and these pictures, we're getting pretty excited for the B-List fight-fest Tekken. At the very least, it looks much better than Mortal Kombat and Chun-Li. If just needs more Panda fighters and we're sold.

[via Tekken Site and Creative Uncut]