io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6

Martian crater gets hit by meteorites again...and again...and again

Most of the craters created by meteorite and asteroid impacts are round, nothing like this strangely elongated, oval-shaped crater recently discovered on Mars. This crater just might be the trendiest meteorite landing spot on all of Mars. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6Hungarian Star Wars posters advertise a movie starring only Greedo and Darth Bucket

Old Eastern European movie posters often took massive creative liberties with familiar plots and characters by remixing them into some wacky cinematic chimeras. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6New microscope produces 3D movies of live cells in action

It's been a big week for the world of the small. In a new microscope breakthrough, researchers have figured out how to use a minuscule sheet of light to produce movies of living cells, revealing mitosis in action and illuminating cells' three-dimensional architecture with the greatest detail ever seen. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6We know about exoplanets. But what about exo-oceans?

We've considered the possibility that aliens could invade. Sometimes they fly, sometimes they walk, sometimes they sprout and take over our bodies when we're sleeping, but only rarely do they swim. There's a dearth of water-based aliens in media, despite the fact that statistics prove that in 60% of regular comic book continuity Aquaman's wife is an alien. These alarming numbers show that we need to pay more attention to how many exoplanets could have large oceans. To do that, we have to take a look at how oceans form. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6Smelling bad actually makes you look uglier

Relative to pretty much any other mammal, humans have an absolutely atrocious sense of smell. But even our weakest sense is powerful enough to affect how we think...starting, of course, with how attractive other people look. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6Superboy shows up on Smallville and hits on Lois Lane

After last week's mind-boggling "drunk Superman bachelor party" episode, Smallville came down to Earth with "Scion," the latest installment in the saga of Lex Luthor's hyper-aging clone (or as I call him, "Clex"). The thing is, Clex might not be willing to assume Lex's Machiavellian mantle. Genetics have a different fate in store for this hormonal...half-Kryptonian? More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6No, alien life was not discovered this weekend

If you've been scanning the internet this weekend, chances are you've seen that particular Fox News story about alien bacterial fossils being discovered on meteorites. The findings in the Fox story were published in the Journal of Cosmology, which is less of an academic website and more like watching laser Jethro Tull at your local planetarium. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6Deadly spider venom could be the cure for human impotence

The venom of the Brazilian wandering spider has some seriously nasty effects, causing victims to lose control of their muscles, slowly lose the ability to breathe...and, if the victim is male, get an erection that lasts longer than four hours. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6Weather architects of the year 2050 A.D.

Artist Dennis Oppenheim's "Whirlpool" project, from the summer of 1973, sought to create an artificial tornado on the bed of a dry desert lake in Southern California. It was intended as a "3/4 mile by 4 mile schemata of tornado," the above image explains, "traced in [the] sky using standard white smoke discharge from aircraft." More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6What created the illusion of two Suns setting over China?

A recently released video shows what seems to be two suns setting in China. This strange, otherworldly sight could just be a hoax, but similar optical illusions have been seen before. The only problem is we still haven't explained them. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6Stellar wormholes could link stars with tunnels of phantom matter

A seriously strange new theory says that stars may be connected through a system of stellar wormholes, linking distant pairs of stars thanks to an exotic material known only as phantom matter. Oh yes, this is going to get weird. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6Gorgeous look at Ti West's Innkeepers "a ghost story for the minimum wage"

Ti West's classic ghost story, The Innkeepers, is building up a lot of buzz following their SXSW debut. The recent release of this gorgeous poster has us even more excited. Plus, watch the trailer for The Corridor, which we hope is better than Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. More »

io9 daily round-up: Sunday, March 6In the Japanese cult classic Hausu, schoolgirls are eaten by an evil house on LSD

In Nobuhiko Obayashi's 1977 horror classic, House (a.k.a. Hausu), a band of plucky vacationing schoolgirls make the fatal mistake of spending summer vacation at a very hungry haunted house. More »