We Love Superheroes!

THE PHOENIX LIVES! | Beautiful Phoenix art from Worth 1000's superhero art contest, via BoingBoing.

We Love Superheroes!

What is the most scientifically plausible superpower?

We all know that superheroes like Superman or Thor are completely impossible. But just for the sake of argument, are there any superpowers that could actually exist in the real world? More »


We Love Superheroes!The most wonderfully asinine superhero origin stories

Superheroic origins don't always involve exploding planets, cosmic rings, or bites from radioactive fauna. No, sometimes heroes just happen to slug back bottles of experimental mutagens because they're total dumbasses. More »

We Love Superheroes!Genetically engineered cell becomes world's first living laser

It looks like we're one step closer to having laser vision (or at least, laser-based diagnostic and therapeutic techniques). Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have genetically engineered the world's first "living laser." More »

We Love Superheroes!Why is DC Comics canceling and restarting all its superhero lines?

Why is DC Comics canceling and restarting all its superhero lines?You may have noticed that DC Comics is audaciously canceling their entire superhero line and restarting it with 52 first issues come September. Details about this relaunch are still fairly murky, but here's a primer on what we do know. Also, check out a complete listing of the cover art and synopses for all 52 new books. More »


We Love Superheroes!A music video about a superhero family that's as cute as The Incredibles

Here's a great video about superheroes from popular Spanish indie band Vetusta Morla. The title of the song is "Lo que te hace grande." The whole thing is adorable, but I especially love the ending, when the band members all drink beers with their fingers. More »

We Love Superheroes!10 Ways of Looking at The Dark Knight

Widely recognized as one of the best superhero movies of the past decade, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight is also much more than an action movie. More »

We Love Superheroes!The physics of Superman

The man of steel is impossible. Let's not pretend otherwise. The guy has X-Ray vision. He has super strength. He has supercold breath. He goddamn flies. More »

We Love Superheroes!Superheroes Who Can't Have Sex

A vow of chastity has long been part of the "great responsibility" that has come with superheroes' great power for years now. Here's a list of great superheroes who can never get any. Ever. More »

We Love Superheroes!This book could teach Hollywood to do superheroes right

ou might think superheroes are played out as heroic archetypes or sources of fresh stories. But you'd be wrong, and a new anthology, Masked, proves it. Anybody who writes superhero comics or movies, or just loves superheroes, should read it. More »

We Love Superheroes!Why Can't Movie Superheroes Save The World?

James Bond saves the world sometimes. So does Captain Kirk. But at least in the movies, superheroes don't - they're too busy fighting personal spats. Here's why superheroes on the big screen should save the damn world now and then. More »

We Love Superheroes!Conan O'Brien's list of DC superheroes that suck

While on a tour of Warner Brother's animation studios, Conan O'Brien took it upon himself to point out to the DC Comics animators which DC superheroes truly suck - with hilarious results. Sorry Bat Lash, Conan's coming for you. More »

We Love Superheroes!Will 2011 be the year that superheroes break out of their same old formula?

Will 2011 be the year that superheroes break out of their same old formula?There are more superhero films coming in 2011 than in the past few years put together - but will they all be cookie-cutter super-adventures, or something a bit wilder and more different? Could this be the year superheroes stretch out? More »

We Love Superheroes!The 10 craziest superhero punishments in comicdom

The 10 craziest superhero punishments in comicdomSuperheroes don't always toss bad guys in the pokey. No, sometimes they turn them into babies and candles or torture them with quiescently frozen confections. Here are 10 times superheroes engaged in some weird justice. More »

We Love Superheroes!Why All Female Superheroes Look the Same

This chart compares the body mass index (BMI) of superheroes in Marvel comics with those of typical American women and men. Researchers Karen Healey and Terry Johnson used physical stats from Marvel's Web site to show that the vast majority of female superheroes are underweight, though the males are mostly normal. More »

We Love Superheroes!14 Reasons Why TV And Superheroes Don't Mix

If there's one thing that Heroes, Smallville and The Cape have proved, it's that television really shouldn't try and tackle superheroes. Here's even more proof why - as well as some rare examples of when it does work. More »