The 1960's were a much simpler time — a time when cowering beneath your school desk was still considered a good way to protect yourself in the event of a nuclear air strike, and a child palming a decidedly phallic object could just as easily pass for having a sixth finger. Wait, what?

Seriously, though. How bizarre is Sixfinger, the "most amazing toy ever" that gave kids an extra go-go-gadget index finger? My only question is whether it came in different skin-tones, seeing as those of us with darker complexions probably would have had a pretty difficult time pulling off the whole inconspicuous-sixth-digit look (short of really selling it by claiming to suffer from polydactyly and vitiligo).

The "Amazing" Sixfinger: the Most Disturbing Toy that You Probably Never Owned


On second thought, I actually have one more question. What's with the voiceover in the commercial starting at 00:50? You're already trying to hock finger phalli to children, guy — let's try bringing it down a few registers on the creep-o scale, alright?

[Spotted on Laughing Squid]
Video via CrowTRobot1313
Sixfinger packaging via Sam's Toy Box