The Alarming Tale of a Stalker Whose Violent Urges Weren't Tempered By Time, Or By His Arrest

In May 1980, Taiwan-born, Minnesota-raised Ming Sen Shiue acted on a sick fantasy he’d been having for 15 years, kidnapping and sexually assaulting his former high-school math teacher, Mary Stauffer. The crime would have been nightmarish enough with just those facts ... but it was worse. »Today 6:29pm

How 17th Century Artists Helped Make the Microscopic World Visible

Science fans love to nerd-gas when it comes to popular culture. Witness the countless recent articles analyzing the science versus the storytelling of The Martian. That tension between accuracy and artistic license is not unique to modern society. It’s been present throughout history, including depictions of the… »Today 6:20pm

In This Week's New Comics, Rocket Raccoon Takes Charge Of The New Guardians Of The Galaxy

It’s all change in this week’s all new comics—Marvel is continuing its “All-New, All Different” reboot with new comics for the Guardians, Captain America, Spider-Gwen, and more. Chewbacca begins his own series. Plus, The Goon returns for Halloween, and Superman has A BEARD! Let’s dig in, shall we? »Today 6:20pm

The Navy Is Teaching Celestial Navigation Again as a Backup Plan Against Hackers 

The Naval Academy hasn’t taught midshipmen how to navigate by the stars in nearly 20 years, but it’s reintroducing the old-school approach to maritime travel. Why use a sextant instead of computers and GPS? Worries about ships stranded by cyber-attacks, which have the Navy re-thinking its reliance on tech. »Today 4:30pm

The Exact Moment Star Wars: Battlefront Made Me Feel Like I Was Inside the Movies

Outside of my work here on io9, I tend to live and breathe two things: video games and Star Wars. Naturally, Star Wars games are right up my alley, and I was excited to try out the beta for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront this past week. I wasn’t expecting, however, for it to make me feel like I was actually part… »Today 5:00pm

How the US Air Force reloads the largest combat jet gun on the planet

When you got one of the biggest guns in the world, you can’t just pop in a new magazine and start firing again. Well, you can but the new ‘magazine’ for the GAU-8 Avenger is so ginormous it needs to be trucked in and requires multiple Air Force guys to get the gun reloaded. It takes time to get giant bullets on board!… »Today 11:19am

Mattel Crowdsourced its DC Superhero Girls Doll Designs To Be Less Pretty and Way More Heroic

DC’s new kid-focused, female-led superhero line Superhero Girls is heading to toyshelves soon. A new interview with the range’s designers reveals that first, the toys had to be tweaked to be a bit more heroic: at the behest of the little girls they’re aimed at, as well as a team of “feminists, bloggers, and academics”. »Today 1:30pm