No, Taking Your Coffee Black Does Not Mean You’re More Likely to be a Psychopath

Is that friend who always very politely turns down your offers for cream or sugar very possibly hiding a dark secret, as haters around the internet have been insisting recently? Nah, probably not—but here’s why some people are saying taking your coffee black means you’re more likely to be a psychopath. »10/12/15 8:30pmYesterday 8:30pm

MTV's Shannara Chronicles Gets Its PG-13 Game of Thrones On in a Massive New Trailer

So the folks at MTV released a giant, two-minute trailer at New York Comic Con for the upcoming fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles, based on the many, many bestselling novels by Terry Brooks. Much like the book series, I doubt anyone is going to accuse the Shannara show of overwhelming originality, but it still… »10/12/15 7:15pmYesterday 7:15pm

10 more really fun movie mistakes that made it into the final version of the movie

People screw up. And in movies, you’d expect that when someone screws up that those scenes would just be played for laughs as outtakes or on a blooper reel. But sometimes everything else about the scene is so good and the screw up is so unexpectedly perfect for the movie that the directors include the screw up in the… »10/12/15 5:20pmYesterday 5:20pm

The Guardians of the Galaxy Cartoon Still Doesn't Know What To Do With Its Most Underused Characters

In the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, James Gunn did a pretty spectacular job of fleshing out the five heroes of the team in relatively equal manner. But so far, the animated series is struggling a little more in this regard—when it gets it right, it’s every bit as fun as the movie. When it gets it wrong though, it… »10/12/15 5:00pmYesterday 5:00pm

The Data-Collecting Company That Wants to Give Earth a "Nervous System"

Data. It’s a powerful tool that helps us battle climate change or keep companies sustainable. But there’s so much data, and it’s hard to corral, index, and understand. However, one company wants to give Earth a “planetary nervous system” to help out companies and policy makers make faster, more informed decisions… »10/12/15 4:47pmYesterday 4:47pm

Meet the Horror Fan Who Built (and Lives In!) an Incredible Replica of the Halloween House

Tucked into the woods near Hillsborough, North Carolina is a house that might look like a quaint Victorian to most. Horror fans will instantly recognize it, though: it’s a mind-blowingly exact replica of one of the genre’s most infamous dwellings: home base for Halloween boogeyman Michael Myers. »10/12/15 4:30pmYesterday 4:30pm

Everything You Need to Know About Earth-2 Before Tomorrow Night's Episode of The Flash

The Flash’s first season was defined by its admirable embrace of some of the Flash’s strangest comic book concepts: the mystery of the Reverse Flash, time travel, the goofy Rogues, and yes, Gorilla Grodd. But its second season is tackling something altogether crazier—the DC comics multiverse. Here’s what you need to… »10/12/15 4:00pmYesterday 4:00pm