Say Bonjour to the French Comics Taking Over Comixology

The French are staging an invasion of their own. Luckily, there’s no Napoleon threatening our shores; instead, it’s the French comics market that has just conquered Comixology, as the digital comics provider is bringing over 150 French series from independent comics publisher Delcourt over the course of the next year. » 7/06/15 7:02am 13 minutes ago

Global Politics Are A Deadly Game In Genevieve Valentine's Persona

In Genevieve’ Valentine’s novel Persona, international politics are a sort of game played on an international level: diplomats are carefully chosen for their charisma, and follow a detailed script. When a C-level diplomat, Suyana Sapaki is almost killed, she finds herself involved in a desperate chase for survival. » 7/05/15 3:31pm Yesterday 3:31pm