Tuesday Game Room: God Damn Battletoads Edition

I guess it’s cheating a little to say that Battletoads is a new release this week—but it is, alongside 29 Rare games in the absurdly nifty Rare Replay collection. Are you dipping into some nostalgia this week, or getting through the summer lull in some other way? Come tell us about it in this week’s Tuesday Game Room! » 8/05/15 1:00am Today 1:00am

In 1957, He Was Executed for Murder—But Was He a Victim of Circumstance?

Sixty years ago, 14-year-old Stephanie Bryan vanished while walking home from school in Berkeley, Calif. Two months later, her belongings were uncovered in an Alameda basement. Suspicious, police made the 300-mile trek to the homeowner’s vacation cabin ... and found Stephanie’s body stashed nearby. » 8/04/15 7:00pm Yesterday 7:00pm

Vibrators Don't Have to Look Like Giant Cocks Anymore

A vibrator’s basic job is really quite simple, so long as you’re using it as a sex toy instead of unclenching a charley horse or working out some lower back pain. Vibrators are supposed to rapidly stimulate sexually sensitive sensory neurons. That’s it. They could look like anything. But until recently, they often… » 8/04/15 6:58pm Yesterday 6:58pm

This Week, Bruce Timm Tells the Tale of His Badass New Wonder Woman

It’s a quiet week for new releases in comics, but nothing really is quiet when you get DC animation maestro Bruce Timm giving us his take on New God Bekka as Wonder Woman. Joining Wonder Woman in this week’s new series? Why, satanic rock bands, metaphysical crime tales, a Red Sonja/Conan team up, and more! » 8/04/15 2:20pm Yesterday 2:20pm