Whose Fanciful Whims Inspired the Construction of This Unusual Aquarium?

In a lush field, there’s a most unusual aquarium—occupied by whales and smaller fish, who swim in circles waiting for unknown visitors. Who built this contraption, and where did the whales come from? Who comes to visit? And are those phone booths in the background—or portals to other, even stranger, exhibits? »21 minutes ago11/30/15 8:00pm


Own 50 of Warner Bros Best Films For Less Than $2.50 Each

Here’s a nice Cyber Monday surprise: 50 critically acclaimed films in one $116 package. I think this might actually be one of the best deals of of the holiday shopping season so far; Amazon’s never sold it for less than $177 before today. [Warner Bros 50 Film Collection, $116] »Today 6:05pm11/30/15 6:05pm

The Mutant Ravepocalypse In Skrillex's New Music Video Confuses And Amazes Me

I’m going to be the first person to admit that quite frankly, I have no idea what compelled me to watch Skrillex’s new video for his remix of GTA’s “Red Lips.” But, just under four minutes later, I’m equally astounded at the weirdly funky mutant disco rave it depicted in between the oontz-oontz-oontzing. »Today 5:45pm11/30/15 5:45pm

Astronauts: Pooping in Apollo Bags is so Bad We'd Rather Land

What’s worse than a broken space-toilet? A broken space-toilet when it’s your very first shift as boss, and suddenly you have to work on the logistics of either getting it fixed or landing your astronauts in Africa. This is Flight Director Rob Kelso’s first-hand account of the narrowly-averted shitstorm. »Today 4:23pm11/30/15 4:23pm

These Science Photos Are So Beautiful They're Basically Art

The winners of the 2015 FASEB BioArt Image and Video Competition have been announced, and they’re amazing. Chosen from a diverse cross-section of biology, they feature everything from the proteins that make up the Ebola virus through to roundworms feasting on bacteria. Here’s the best, most beautful science photos the… »Today 3:17pm11/30/15 3:17pm

Jessica Jones Has Given Us Marvel's Greatest Live-Action Villain by Far

Marvel’s live-action adaptations have a fantastic track record. Great action, a willingness to taken even some truly bizarre comic book heroes and turn them into relatable figures, and so on. But there’s one area they usually falter in: their villains. That is, until they completely nailed it with Jessica Jones. »Today 3:08pm11/30/15 3:08pm

These Are Some of the Most Intriguing Young-Adult Novels Coming Out in 2016

Young-adult fiction is become more mature, as a publishing category. And that means that instead of a host of cookie-cutter books, that are all “dystopias” or whatnot, there’s a huge variety of subjects. ReadBreatheRelax has a great list of YA books coming in 2016, and what’s great is they all sound pretty different… »Today 2:30pm11/30/15 2:30pm