This Timelapse Video of Radio Observatories is Just Breathtaking

With gold-plated space telescopes promising to discover distant worlds and unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe, radio astronomy can sometimes feel a bit passé. But lest you think the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is no longer sexy, a glorious new photo collection featuring radio observatories… »Yesterday 8:30pm12/01/15 8:30pm


Stunning video captures rocket separation in space like never before

Wow. This is truly spectacular. Here’s footage from UP Aerospace, which captured a multistage rocket separating in space like we’ve never seen before. You can see it release and then separate from each other in stunning fashion. We’ve slowed down the stage where the rocket separates and it’s just so cool. Seeing that… »Yesterday 7:30pm12/01/15 7:30pm

The Doctor Invites a Sprout To Dinner (To Be Dinner?) In The BBC's Bizarre Christmas Ad

The BBC’s new Christmas advert is meant to be a somewhat heart-warming tale of friendship and acceptance over the holidays. Instead, it reads more like The Doctor and Sherlock inviting a sentient sprout-being to get consumed by a variety of British Television stars. Ah, the true spirit of Christmas. »Yesterday 7:15pm12/01/15 7:15pm

This Intense Short Film About Virtual Reality Is Already in the Works as a Feature

“Virtual reality, to me, is the only reality.” So begins Uncanny Valley, a short from Argentina’s Federico Heller that’s on the fast track to becoming a feature, thanks to the efforts of Independence Day: Resurgence writer Carter Blanchard. Watch the film below and see why it’s generated so much excitement.
»Yesterday 6:30pm12/01/15 6:30pm

The Incredibly Messed Up Origins of the Word "Taser"

Tasers remain incredibly controversial weapons in the arsenal of law enforcement, given their overuse and the risk of cardiac arrest. But let’s not forget the word “TASER” is a loose acronym for Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle, an incredibly messed-up 1911 science fiction book. The Guardian has all the details. »Yesterday 6:15pm12/01/15 6:15pm

Bloodiest Christmas Massacres #1: The Lawson Family Slaughter

This time of year, nothing goes better with too much eggnog than grim tales of murder. (That’s how we roll at True Crime, anyway.) The first in our series takes place in 1929, on a farm outside Germanton, North Carolina—where on Christmas Day, Charlie Lawson murdered his family before taking his own life. »Yesterday 4:30pm12/01/15 4:30pm

The Main Character In Paul Dini's New Batman Graphic Novel Is Paul Dini Himself

Legendary writer Paul Dini—known for his work on Batman: The Animated Series, Tiny Toon Adventures, Justice League and countless other shows—is returning to DC to pen a whole new graphic novel for the Dark Knight. The twist, however, is that Batman isn’t the lead character: Dini is, as he recalls trauma from his own… »Yesterday 4:15pm12/01/15 4:15pm

Russia Reportedly Plans To Build A Lunar Base By The 2030s

Decades and decades after they pretended never to be in a “moon race” with the U.S., Russia reportedly plans to land cosmonauts on the moon by the 2030s, according to the news agency TASS. The most recent plans call for up to six launches of the Angara A5V heavy-lift rocket to put enough hardware into orbit for their… »Yesterday 4:00pm12/01/15 4:00pm

Here Are the Biggest Burning Questions About the Live-Action Marvel Universe Right Now

The Marvel movie and television universe is just entering a brand new phase—and things just got a lot more interesting. We saw the first Captain America: Civil War trailer, and we also met a new hero in the form of Jessica Jones. These are two building blocks of a very huge puzzle. »Yesterday 3:20pm12/01/15 3:20pm

Here are all the original Star Wars trilogy vehicles to scale

One of our favorite artists, Scott Park, illustrated the spaceships and vehicles in the original Star Wars trilogy to scale and it’s just so good. You get to see how a Stomtrooper compares in size to a Tauntaun to an X-34 Landspeeder to a TIE Fighter to the Millennium Falcon to the Death Star and everything else in… »Yesterday 3:15pm12/01/15 3:15pm