Game Of Thrones Will Definitely Last At Least Another Three Years

Stan Lee drops hints about his Avengers 2 cameo. Guillermo del Toro talks about the chances of making a Hellboy 3 and Haunted Mansion. Constantine casts a female lead. Zachary Quinto mulls returning as Sylar for Heroes: Reborn. Plus, behind-the-scenes looks at Arrow and The Flash. Spoilers now! » 7/14/14 6:00am Today 6:00am

Orbital's Cargo Run to the Space Station is a Picture-Perfect

After a giggle-worthy moment earlier in the week, Sunday's rocket launch was a complete success. Orbital Sciences Corporation is fulfilling their second cargo delivery mission, Orb-2, carrying food and scientific equipment to the International Space Station. » 7/14/14 1:01am Today 1:01am

An Oxford Rocket Scientist Has Designed A Better Saucepan

The "Flare" Pan is a saucepan designed by University of Oxford engineer Thomas Povey that borrows design aspects from jet and rocket engines to burn hotter and more quickly than a conventional pan would over the same flame. It also looks pretty space age-y, which we can obviously get behind. » 7/13/14 5:15pm Yesterday 5:15pm

When Fandom Falls Apart: DashCon Edition

DashCon, which is a convention in Schaumburg, Illinois that "aims to be the largest gathering of Tumblr users to date" is taking place this weekend. It is a first year convention, so people expected things to be a bit rough. It is also, however, apparently turning into a "complete disaster". » 7/13/14 6:11pm Yesterday 6:11pm

"One of the most influential sixth-grade science projects ever…

A 12-year-old Florida girl's science fair project on invasive lionfish has surprised even seasoned ecologists, and led to the first published paper on lionfish freshwater tolerance. » 7/13/14 3:55pm Yesterday 3:55pm