William Gibson Suspects io9 Is the Invention of One of His Characters

William Gibson likes us! Or at least he makes cryptic comments about us! Gibson writes on his blog: » 1/02/08 6:25pm 1/02/08 6:25pm

For those who have not yet read Gibson's superlative and , is a viral marketing fiend who founds a -esque magazine called . We are pleased to be considered the creation of a fictional character who founds a…

Before Human-Cylon Love, There Was A Dude And His Cherry 2000

You didn't think Number Six was really the first blond sex bot to tangle with a human, did you? Here's a great human-bot bonding moment, from the cheesy mid-1980s flick Cherry 2000. The moment is also tragic because our hero does what you should never do with a piece of consumer electronics: dunk it in water. Oops! » 1/02/08 5:00pm 1/02/08 5:00pm

Outlaw Stem Cell Hacker Tries to Go Straight

Hwang Woo-Suk, the stem cell researcher whose scientific papers were revealed as frauds over two years ago, has quietly been applying for permission to get back into stem cell research again in South Korea. Hwang is still up on charges of fraud, embezzlement and ethical breaches after he claimed (falsely) that he'd… » 1/02/08 4:30pm 1/02/08 4:30pm

When Nano-Wires Explode

This image of "Nano-Explosions" won first prize in this year's "Science As Art" competition. Fanny Beron from the École Polytechnique de Montréal used an electron scanning micrograph to record the explosion that happened when a CoFeB magnetic array was overloaded. The chaotic blasts are a "reminder that nanoscale… » 1/02/08 4:00pm 1/02/08 4:00pm

What To Put Into Your Spaceship's Gas Tank

Since most science fiction vehicles don't run on unleaded gasoline, would you even know what to fill the tank with if you were lucky enough to get behind the wheel? With everything out there from warp cores to specialized space fuel, here's a handy list that lets you know what powers some of the more popular vehicles… » 1/02/08 3:40pm 1/02/08 3:40pm

An Underwater City Gone Wrong

This concept artwork from 2K Games' BioShock shows one of the most starkly dystopian video game worlds created in the past several years. Here you can see one of the observation areas in a city that has seen better days. » 1/02/08 3:20pm 1/02/08 3:20pm

Is the U.S. the Least Futuristic Country?

Is the United States the least futuristic post-industrial country? Every week we hear about cool robots playing soccer and musical instruments in Japan, or the Tron-looking Pad building in Dubai (see photo.) Meanwhile, the U.S. is retiring its space shuttles and has the slowest broadband in the universe. What's going… » 1/02/08 3:00pm 1/02/08 3:00pm

Your Subway Car Wants Kill You

What do you get when you combine a sentient, artificially intelligent subway train (starring Emma Clarke, the voice of the London Underground and Keanu Reeves) with Speed and Titanic? It turns out you get "Sentient Subway," a hilarious Hollywood movie pitch that needs a bit of work on its title. However, having heard… » 1/02/08 2:40pm 1/02/08 2:40pm

Myst Architectures in the Real World

People who play the Myst puzzle games are often so taken with the steampunk beauty of the worlds in them that they begin to see Myst imagery everywhere. No, they're not crazy. We have photographic evidence. The left-hand photo above was taken of real tubes in Berlin (photo by extranoise), while the one on the right… » 1/02/08 2:20pm 1/02/08 2:20pm

Which Will Suck Less? New Terminator TV Show or New Terminator Movie?

Which version of Terminator has you jazzed? The TV show starting in a few weeks, with Firefly's Summer Glau as a sassy protector bot? Or the 2009 movie starring Christian Bale (unless he comes to his senses)? Vote below! » 1/02/08 2:00pm 1/02/08 2:00pm

Guillermo Del Toro Piecing Together Frankenstein For TV

Guillermo del Toro isn't content enough to sit back on his Pan's Labyrinth earnings and let Hellboy 2: The Golden Army just ride the coattails of the original film into the box office. He's rumbling about a new television version of the mad scientist classic Frankentstein. "The only way to do the Shelley novel is to… » 1/02/08 1:40pm 1/02/08 1:40pm

George Lucas Explains Why You'll Hate Indy IV

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be hitting theater screens on May 22nd, marking nineteen years since we've seen the whip-swinging archeaologist going after mysterious antiquities and occasionally teaching school. However, George Lucas thinks that both critics and fans alike will hate the… » 1/02/08 1:20pm 1/02/08 1:20pm

What To Wear For Your Outer Space Wedding Party

Space tourism company Rocketplane Kistler wants their customers to fly in style. Last year, they collaborated with JAXA to hold a space fashion contest in Tokyo. Space Style 2007, a fashion event held by the California Space Authority late last year, brought these designs stateside as part of an interplanetary runway… » 1/02/08 1:00pm 1/02/08 1:00pm

SETI @ Home Ready to Look for More Aliens

The upgraded Aricebo telescope will be sending more space noise data to SETI, whose ongoing project to scan the heavens for signs of extraterrestrial radio emissions has been going on for almost a decade. Hopefully that means we'll be tuning in outer space radio soon, though not in a scary way like in Mary Doria… » 1/02/08 12:50pm 1/02/08 12:50pm

Blast Off With The Spotnicks

Sweden, 1961. Entertainment history is made when, in tribute to the satellite launched by the USSR four years earlier, an obscure rock 'n' roll group changes its name to The Spotnicks and starts wearing spacesuits onstage. Fame, fortune, and number one hits in Australia and Japan soon follow. Here, in 1962, the… » 1/02/08 12:40pm 1/02/08 12:40pm

What's The Fastest SciFi Super-Car?

Flying cars are dime-a-dozen in science fiction. But they don't all look as cool as Harrison Ford's cop car does in Sid Mead's original concept art. And some of them have cool extras, like voice-controlled color or a built-in ATM . But what you really want to know is, what's the fastest super-car in scifi? We rank… » 1/02/08 12:20pm 1/02/08 12:20pm

Space Jet Tested in Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

Yes, you are about to have your hypersonic space jet capable of going Mach 6 (that's six times the speed of sound). But first you'll want to check out this kickass hypersonic wind tunnel at Purdue University where the space jets of tomorrow are being tested. It's actually hard to find a hypersonic wind tunnel that… » 1/02/08 12:00pm 1/02/08 12:00pm

Become a Uranographer and Map the Heavens

Uranography is map-making for the cosmos. If you've always wanted to know where you stand in outer space, now's your chance: O'Reilly has a new book called Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders that is one of the most detailed and thrilling how-to books we've read in a while. Just a few days after reading it, you… » 1/02/08 11:40am 1/02/08 11:40am

Batman + Guns / Karate = Gun Kata

Christian Bale is a master of gun-fu in 2002's Equilibrium. He practices the obscure art of Gun Kata — something apparently invented for this movie — which is sort of like karate crossed with a gunfight from an early Clint Eastwood flick. In this clip, Bale takes down a whole squad of cops who are trying to come… » 1/02/08 11:20am 1/02/08 11:20am

Six Awesomest Scifi Gadgets That Fit in Your Pocket

A spaceship or a gigantic death ray is cool, but wouldn't you rather have an awesome scifi gadget you could slip into your pocket or clip to your belt for easy access? When you're on the interstellar warpath, you want the very best, so we've put together a list of some science fiction mobile devices that will make… » 1/02/08 11:00am 1/02/08 11:00am

Get 10,000+ Udemy Courses for $19 Each: Learn iOS8 + Swift Dev & More

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Last Chance: Save Over $80 (77%) on the Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds

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