First look at The Tomorrow People = Heroes plus X-Men times The CW

The first preview for The CW's Tomorrow People is here, so let's break it down: A bunch of young, attractive people discover they have super-powers and are the next step in humanity's evolution but are hunted by a mysterious government agent played by a vastly overqualified actor? Yeah, I'd say my math is right. »5/30/13 11:40am5/30/13 11:40am

Why the Venture Bros. creators want you to know nothing about Season 5

Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer don’t want to reveal anything about the long-awaited season 5 premiere, which airs at midnight on Adult Swim this Sunday. But they're also in the position of promoting the show to people who are dying to know what to expect. The result? One awkward but highly… »5/30/13 11:00am5/30/13 11:00am

New polls suggest Americans are becoming less religious

Though it might seem like Americans are as pious as ever, most feel that religion is losing its influence in the U.S. — and a record number are now claiming to have no religion at all. »5/30/13 10:00am5/30/13 10:00am