What would a Game of Thrones porn parody even look like?

Lee Roy Myers, the mind behind The Simpsons porno and the recent SpongeKnob SquareNuts, let it slip at the end of this Vice interview that he has plans for a Game of Thrones porn movie. Seriously, what would a Game of Thrones porn movie even look like? How do you create something dirtier than the actual series?

This has to be the easiest translation on the planet, so we'll go ahead and get the horse head rolling...


  • In the Game of Bones, you fuck... or you get fucked.
  • Winter is coming... all over your *insert whatever here*
  • Evan Stone plays Ned Stark.
  • At the end of one sex scene, someone turns to Jon Snow and says "Jon Snow, you know nutting."
  • The Iron Throne is made out of a bunch of dildos stuck together

It practically writes itself. So your turn — what do you think a Game of Thrones porn parody will/should include?