Cute Field Guide Helps You Remember Bird Calls with Beer, Cheeseburgers

We're pretty infatuated with this brand new print from nature cartoonist Rosemary Mosco, creator of Bird and Moon comics. The premise is simple: Assign each a bird a catch phrase that sounds similar to the sound it makes in the wild. By remembering the catch phrase, you can better identify the sound – and the bird that makes it!

According to Mosco, this is a common technique among birdwatchers, who "often memorize bird sounds by thinking of them in terms of human words." The chirping of a Carolina Wren, for instance, sounds a lot like "teakettle!" (Pictured above is the mnemonic guide to Western North American Birds; the Carolina Wren appears on Mosco's complementary guide to Eastern North American Birds.)

"This poster guide makes a great gift for animal lovers, teachers, [and] hikers," writes Mosco, "and any birds who sometimes have a hard time thinking of things to say."


Mostly we love the idea of a bird who's call sounds like cheeseburger.

We've written about Mosco's webcomics in the past. To see more of her work, check out her website, or purchase a print of your own!