Jurassic Park re-opens for 3D business in this week���s DVDs!

Plus, there are girls with cow tails, Marvel���s most bizarre mutants, some serious exploration of human-monkey relations and more, in this week���s DVD and Blu-ray releases.

��� Jurassic Park 3D

Was your Jurassic Park DVD, your previous Jurassic Park Blu-ray, and then all those Jurassic Park trilogy sets getting lonely? Why not give Steven Spielberg your money a fifth time, and buy the recent 3D version of the movie? It comes with the regular Blu-ray, a DVD copy and a digital copy, so there won���t be a single moment in your life where you won���t be able to watch Jurassic Park! You���ll never be alone! Ever! You might not watch it, but it���ll be watching you!

��� Naruto Shippuden Set 14

Getting to the end of the ���Pain��� storyline. I mention it mostly to point out that the cover looks like it was taken off someone���s DeviantArt page.

��� Inhumans

Paul Jenkins��� fan-favorite run on Inhumans gets the motion comic treatment. If you like your superheroics mixed with politics, then this is the comic for you.

��� Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan

The ���80s Tarzan movie starring Christopher Lambert. When you realize that Lambert���s other two most iconic roles were of 1) a Scottish person and 2) a Chinese lightning god, it���s kind of telling that ���man who self-identifies as a monkey��� is actually most appropriate role.

��� Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Complete Season 2

The final season of the CG adventures of Iron Lad. How awesome would it be if the young Tony Stark had to deal with the ���Demon in a Bottle��� storyline? What would he be addicted to? Monster Energy Drinks? Capri Suns? Does anyone still drink Sunny D? Because the D could stand for ���Demon.���

��� Thale

Two guys find a girl with a cow tail locked in a cellar in this Norwegian horror flick. Turns out she a mythic creature called a Huldra, who are like sirens that lead men away, never to return, but with cow tails. Norwegian mythical creatures are weird.

��� Ai no Kusabi

An anime series set in a dark future where social status is defined by hair color and hot guys have to make out with each other. A lot.

��� Mistress of the Apes

A buxom blonde goes to the jungle and hangs out with a bunch of modern Neanderthals. Pick up this and Greystroke and you have a hell of a double feature.

��� Treasure Chest of Horrors 2

The cover of this six horror story anthology features Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci in a bikini, so I think you know which ���chest��� they���re referring to.

��� Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles

Three kids go camping and accidentally make evil, superpowered clones of themselves, as is perfectly natural and happens all the time.