Syfy is prepping a Beowulf TV series

Does anyone want to see a Beowulf show without a naked Angelina Jolie? Syfy is banking on yes, and readying a fantasy series about everyone's favorite 3,000-line poem.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Syfy is currently in the process of adapting the great epic poem into a TV series. Matt Greenberg, of 1408 and Reign of Fire fame, will pen the script and exec produce.

If you weren't in High School English here's the super general premise: Beowulf is an 5th Century Scandinavian warrior who helps out a King with his monster problem. The Vikings team up against the beast (Grendel) but then eventually wind up face-to-face with Grendel's Mom. Who is kind of awesome. Later on there's a dragon — it's complicated but (now that we think about it) could make for a good TV series. As long as it doesn't look like the recent crop of crappy greenscreen fantasy shows.


Syfy is prepping a Beowulf TV series

In other news, in case you missed it in morning spoilers, there's also going to be a Ghost TV show.

So which TV show would you rather watch, Ghost or Beowulf?