What Does MDMA Do To Your Brain?

In the latest episode of AsapSCIENCE, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown look at the neuroscience of 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methyl amphetamine (better known as MDMA) and its oft-adulterated surrogate, ecstasy. » 10/16/14 8:50am 10/16/14 8:50am

Did you just take a vitamin C tablet, or a hit of ecstasy?

Above, New Scientist's Graham Lawton describes his experience as a test subject in a groundbreaking study on MDMA, the recreational drug commonly known as ecstasy. The research is being led by David Nutt, a former chief drug advisor to the UK who was dismissed from his position in 2009 after criticizing the… » 9/18/12 5:00pm 9/18/12 5:00pm

Maggie Q Isn't Starring In Femme Nikita Series After All. Plus Doctor…

Nikita's star has been cast... and it's not Maggie Q. The Cape gets a supervillain, and Transformers 3 may lose a key human castmember. Plus tons of details on Doctor Who's season opener and the Planet Of The Apes prequel! » 3/12/10 6:00am 3/12/10 6:00am

Michael Bay To Kill Megan Fox?

There's been plenty of drama surrounding Bay's next robot masterpiece, Transformers 3. But the back-and-forth, Megan Fox-versus-the-crew arguments and smack talk seemed to be over. Until rumors broke that Bay was going to kill Fox. » 10/12/09 11:30am 10/12/09 11:30am