Here are the stars we are most likely to visit after leaving the solar system

Astronaut and doctor Mae Jemison heads a group called the 100 Year Starship, which is devoted to making interstellar travel a reality in 100 years. The group takes donations to sponsor scientific and cultural projects that will take humans beyond our solar system. And they've just produced this gorgeous video,… »4/01/13 5:22pm4/01/13 5:22pm


Robert Heinlein And The 100 Year Starship Study

Anyone who looks back on Robert Heinlein's ‘juvenile' novels, twelve books written for young adults between 1947 and 1958, as inspiration for his current work gets my attention. I loved every one of those novels, particularly Citizen of the Galaxy (1957) and Starman Jones (1953), but David Neyland says it was Time for… »8/21/11 12:30pm8/21/11 12:30pm