Watch Ron Moore's fantasy cop show 17th Precinct, and see what we missed out on

We were looking forward to 17th Precinct, the fantasy cop show from Ronald D. Moore and his dream team cast of Battlestar Galactica alums, but sadly it never reached our screens. But now, the show about cops who use magic discs instead of guns, spells instead of forensics, and plants instead of electricity has… »12/29/11 6:57pm12/29/11 6:57pm


Awesome new look at Captain America villain the Red Skull. Plus Steven Moffat talks Doctor Who's latest special mini-episode!

Take a terrifying look at Captain America's arch-nemesis. Doctor Who is making another special mini-episode, featuring more time-twisting shenanigans! Plus The Hobbit movies get their titles, another BSG alum joins The 17th Precinct, and Wonder Woman finds its first supervillain! »3/04/11 9:00am3/04/11 9:00am

Michael Caine talks the new Dark Knight Rises cast. Plus which major character dies in alien road movie Paul!

Michael Caine has heard all the same rumors we have about who is joining The Dark Knight Rises. January Jones explains the frenzied production schedule for X-Men: First Class. Paul may be a buddy comedy, but it's also not afraid to shed some blood. Roland Emmerich gives updates on his Foundation adaptation and … »2/15/11 9:00am2/15/11 9:00am