Brad Pitt joins World War Z. Maybe now it'll get made!

Brad Pitt wrestled the movie rights to Max Brooks' World War Z away from Leonardo DiCaprio's production company back in 2007, but the project has been on a slow burn ever since. But now, Pitt himself will be starring in the film, which should be enough to get it fast-tracked. Here's hoping! [MTV, thanks Bo] » 7/22/10 10:20am 7/22/10 10:20am

Chrome Logo Inspired by Cheesy Scifi Movie Sequel?

Sure the new Google Chrome browser is cool, but it turns out that the Chrome logo comes from the lamest place possible: The cheesy sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey » 9/05/08 3:51pm 9/05/08 3:51pm. We've told you before how we feel about , and now the folks at Neatorama that the Chrome logo is in fact based on the worst part of the film. That's…

Crappiest Ending to Any Science Fiction Movie Ever

I think we can all agree that Stanley Kubrick's mindbending space opera 2001 is a classic, even if we're a little divided on whether it's a masterpiece. Not so with 2010, the 1984 sequel (also based on an Arthur C. Clarke novel) featuring Roy Scheider as the man with a plan and Helen Mirren (Helen!) as the captain of… » 5/22/08 6:15pm 5/22/08 6:15pm