A Timeline that Shows How Recent Science Fiction Has Changed Future History

You've seen lots of timelines of "future history" before — but they tend to be mostly drawing from the classics by people like Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke. But over at The Awl, Jane Hu has compiled a future timeline, which draws heavily on recent publications like Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312 and Paolo Bacigalupi's … »8/08/12 5:14pm8/08/12 5:14pm

A breathtaking excerpt from Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel 2312

You may know Kim Stanley Robinson from magnificent works like the Mars Trilogy and The Years of Rice and Salt. Now he's back with a new novel called 2312, out today, which is about colonizing the solar system 300 years from now. But it's also about a lot of other things, like art and family and the place of science… »5/22/12 6:30pm5/22/12 6:30pm