3D Imaging Could Solve the Mystery of China's Terracotta Army

A cache of over 8,000 life-sized warrior statues was discovered in the 1970s near China's ancient capital of Xi'an. Each terracotta figure has unique facial features, which has led to one of the ancient world's greatest mysteries. Who are these people? Are they modeled on an actual army? » 6/23/14 2:24pm 6/23/14 2:24pm

Researchers from MIT have developed a camera that can take pictures in almost total darkness. It works by mathematically reconstructing 3D images from single photons reflected from dimly lit objects. The achievement could result in stealthy spy cameras, or treat eyes that are easily damaged by excess light. » 11/28/13 4:00pm 11/28/13 4:00pm

425 million year old blob creature recreated for the first time ever…

Drakozoon was a blob-like creature that lived in the oceans during the Silurian Period, some 425 million years ago. It was known from only a single fossil - until researchers sliced and diced their specimen to create this 3D model. » 8/09/10 11:23am 8/09/10 11:23am

This Is What Game Consoles Really Do To Your Brain

Video game tech could literally save your brain. Currently, when your neurologist needs to make a snap judgment about brain surgery, a 3-D brain image like the one above might not be ready for hours — far too long in an emergency. But now the Mayo Clinic is teaming up with IBM to develop ways to create a 3-D image… » 1/10/08 9:20am 1/10/08 9:20am