This Week's TV: Beautiful People Get Trapped at a Meteor Crash Site!

This week, a brand new show introduces us to a group of young fortune-hunters, who strip half naked and blunder around the world's biggest meteor impact site. Plus baby mammoths, Clarke's Law put to the test, and sex possibly going extinct! Check out tons of clips and details for this week's television. »7/01/13 11:00am7/01/13 11:00am

This Week's TV: The Only New Show This Summer That's Truly Addictive

Seriously, it's been a tough time for science fiction on network TV lately — but that losing streak ends tonight, with the summer's one must-see new show, Under The Dome. Plus Syfy gives us the crazypants over-the-top summer movie you'll never admit you crave. Check out clips and details for all of this week's TV… »6/24/13 12:00pm6/24/13 12:00pm

This Week's TV: Are you ready to say goodbye to Futurama forever?

It's going to be tough to let go. But hopefully the final batch of Futurama episodes, starting this week, will help numb the pain of saying farewell to the Planet Express Crew. Meanwhile, there's a superhero "girls' night out," and someone finally explains how sex works. Plus Finn and Jake have a time machine! »6/17/13 12:00pm6/17/13 12:00pm

Crazy Rumors for Guardians of the Galaxy, Man of Steel, and Doctor Who

Could the villain of Marvel's big space opera be the ruler of one of its most famous alien races? Could a Man of Steel prequel comic set the stage for one of Superman's closest allies? Could a villain of anniversary specials past return to menace the Doctor on his 50th anniversary? Maybe not, but prepare for spoilers! »5/22/13 9:00am5/22/13 9:00am

Jamie Foxx takes us inside the twisted mind of his Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain!

Robert Downey, Jr. drops some Iron Man 3 hints. Samuel L. Jackson talks about the future of Nick Fury. Check out a new video interview with Star Trek Into Darkness stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. Mad Max: Fury Road finishes filming at long last. Plus another possible Guardian of the Galaxy star! »12/18/12 9:00am12/18/12 9:00am

Tons More Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Details. Plus a Surprise Guest Star for Doctor Who's Christmas Special!

Iron Man 3 is filming in China after all — and they've added a Chinese star. Martin Sheen is returning for more in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Peter Jackson discusses Middle-Earth's cinematic future. Felicia Day returns to Supernatural. Plus a great look at Superman's new costume! »12/10/12 9:00am12/10/12 9:00am

This Week's TV: It had to happen. Summer Glau is playing an elf!

She's played a killer robot, a super-soldier and a couple of types of mutants... but how did it take this long for Summer Glau to play an elf? At last, the wait is over! Also, Victoria's Secret is done with superhero costumes and they're doing some kind of "nightmare circus" look. Neil Patrick Harris helps to judge… »12/03/12 12:00pm12/03/12 12:00pm

This Week's TV: Two of your favorite comic book characters are coming to television!

This week's television includes the debuts of two of your favorite characters from the world of comics: The Walking Dead reveals a "fan favorite character," and Arrow introduces the Huntress. Plus someone is taking huge, possibly unforgiveable liberties with Pinky and the Brain! Mira Sorvino shows us what happens when… »11/26/12 12:00pm11/26/12 12:00pm

Just who will play the new Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Don't panic: Zachary Quinto has already shot down an alarming Star Trek rumor. An all-important actor says he might return for Star Wars: Episode VII. Steven Moffat and Matt Smith talk Doctor Who's latest Christmas special. Plus a reassuring Robocop set photo, a new look at Blomkamp's Elysium, and a pair of Walking… »11/20/12 9:00am11/20/12 9:00am

This Week's TV: An Hour of Television That Might Just Ruin Superheroes Forever

This week on television, Syfy brings you an unprecedented second sequel to Dungeons & Dragons, and you'll be quoting this dialogue for months. Revolution gets to the point, with a Led Zeppelin soundtrack. Check out a Fringe marathon, featuring brand new science knowledge. There's a camptastic superhero tribute that… »11/19/12 12:00pm11/19/12 12:00pm

Andrew Garfield drops key hints for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Plus Doctor Who, Fringe, and The Walking Dead photos!

American Horror Story is officially back for a third season of Jessica Lange-led craziness — but before that Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson prepare you for next week's insanity. Plus The Wolverine's latest synopsis hints at Hugh Jackman's darkest journey yet! »11/16/12 9:00am11/16/12 9:00am