Space travel survival supplies to harness your inner Spaceman Spiff

Being an imaginary astronaut doesn't require much in the way of materials goods — just an unerring love of the cosmos and occasional access to a cardboard box. But if your interplanetary imagination needs a little boost, 826's Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company offers products to keep your spacefaring alter ego… » 12/17/11 9:30am 12/17/11 9:30am

Los Angeles is Open for Your Time Travel Business

If you're a temporal traveler stuck between decades and you find yourself in need of Mammoth Chunks, Anti-Robot Fluid, or Barbarian Repellent, you can now head to Time Travel Mart in Echo Park, Los Angeles. They'll probably have it in stock. Unfortunately, you'll have to come back yesterday if you want something from… » 2/28/08 10:20am 2/28/08 10:20am