Shane Acker's 9 Rules For Creating Great Post-Apocalyptic Movies

Shane Acker's animated movie 9 features nine plucky ragdolls facing an army of beast machines after the human race has died off. We talked to Acker a while back, and he told us nine rules for great post-apocalyptic films. » 9/11/09 12:39pm 9/11/09 12:39pm

If Nice Machines Battle Evil Machines After You're Dead, Will You Care?

In most post-apocalyptic movies, we bring destruction on ourselves with our advanced science, and there's a cautionary message about trusting technology. But the lyrical 9 may be the first film that shows good machines fighting evil ones, after we're dead. » 9/09/09 9:09am 9/09/09 9:09am

Patrick Stewart Will Return As Professor X. Plus Smallville's Superman…

It's a spoiler: Patrick Stewart drops some X-Men hints. Doctor Who's next writer teases a historical epic. New pics show Smallville's Superman costume, Supernatural's cop-shop, and True Blood's finale. Plus 9, The Box, Dollhouse, Fringe New Moon, Stargate and Superman/Batman. » 9/08/09 6:00am 9/08/09 6:00am

Clips Of Megan Fox's Notorious Kiss With Amanda Seyfried, Plus Pandorum …

Get a spoiler catharsis with intense teasers and featurettes from Pandorum, Jennifer's Body, 9, Supernatural, Smallville and FlashForward. Crazy Doctor Who rumors! Guess who's wearing the cheerleader uniform on Heroes! Plus Surrogates, Gamer, Dark Shadows, [Rec], Twilight, Lost and Chuck. » 9/03/09 6:00am 9/03/09 6:00am

Sneak Peeks At Surrogates, Dollhouse, Supernatural, Warehouse 13 And…

Today's spoilers include detailed descriptions of some Bruce Willis/Surrogates action footage. New clips from Dollhouse, Supernatural and Warehouse 13. Another comics transplant on Smallville. Plus Gamer, 9, 2012, Doctor Who, Lost, Fringe, FlashForward, True Blood, Stargate Universe and Chuck spoilers! » 9/01/09 6:00am 9/01/09 6:00am

Who Won Comic Con's Buzz Wars? Our 10 Picks

The entertainment industry descended on San Diego like an alien mothership, hoping to refuel with precious buzz. But there were some movies and entertainers that people talked about more than others. Here are 10 winners of Comic Con's buzz wars. » 7/27/09 4:10pm 7/27/09 4:10pm