Patrick Stewart Will Return As Professor X. Plus Smallville's Superman Duds, And Doctor Who's New Menace

It's a spoiler: Patrick Stewart drops some X-Men hints. Doctor Who's next writer teases a historical epic. New pics show Smallville's Superman costume, Supernatural's cop-shop, and True Blood's finale. Plus 9, The Box, Dollhouse, Fringe New Moon, Stargate and Superman/Batman. »9/08/09 9:00am9/08/09 9:00am

Sneak Peeks At Surrogates, Dollhouse, Supernatural, Warehouse 13 And Doctor Who!

Today's spoilers include detailed descriptions of some Bruce Willis/Surrogates action footage. New clips from Dollhouse, Supernatural and Warehouse 13. Another comics transplant on Smallville. Plus Gamer, 9, 2012, Doctor Who, Lost, Fringe, FlashForward, True Blood, Stargate Universe and Chuck spoilers! »9/01/09 9:00am9/01/09 9:00am