In A Dangerous Method, we find out what really caused Freud's sexual frustration

For some, Sigmund Freud's name is synonymous with medical quackery and sexual obsession. But in David Cronenberg's new movie about Freud's circle of colleagues in the 1910s and 20s, the founder of psychoanalysis emerges as a complicated figure, fighting for scientific recognition in a society where he's treated as an… »11/25/11 4:47pm11/25/11 4:47pm

David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method brings us scientific rivalries and kinky sex in the steam age

David Cronenberg has created some of the best creepy commentaries on science and pseudoscience out there — from The Brood, about an evil psychiatrist breeding monsters inside his patients, to Scanners, about government-contracted scientists experimenting on the brains of homeless people. »6/21/11 10:20pm6/21/11 10:20pm