Genital-filled Princess of Mars comic shows off the full-frontal natives of Barsoom (NSFW)

If your biggest problem with Disney's John Carter movie is that it didn't contain nearly enough Martian wang, then James Killian Spratt's graphic (in more ways than one) adaptation of A Princess of Mars might be up your alley. Spratt is creating his own comic version of Burroughs' classic pulp, where the action is set… »3/10/12 2:00pm3/10/12 2:00pm


Get the Story Blueprint for Pixar's John Carter of Mars — Free Online!

Andrew Stanton, who directed lonely garbage robot movie Wall-E (hitting theaters next week), is already hard at work on his next Pixar flick. The movie is John Carter of Mars, and now Stanton has confirmed to /Film that the script will be based on one book from the beloved early-20th century series, A Princess of Mars »6/19/08 6:34pm6/19/08 6:34pm