I, Frankenstein will be your new favorite midnight movie

Its premise is badass-simple, like a great first-person shooter, and its cast is mysteriously awesome. Get ready for demonic mad science, an army of Gargoyle angels, and Aaron Eckhart as the Batman-voiced Frankenstein monster who makes his enemies explode. You heard it here first: I, Frankenstein is destined to become… »1/24/14 4:22pm1/24/14 4:22pm


Battle: Los Angeles Sets Up Alien-Destroyed L.A. In Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport is getting all the big movies these days, and in September Aaron Eckhart will be leading a Marine platoon to repel an alien invasion, defending Shreveport-disguised-as-Los-Angeles in the low-budget Battle: Los Angeles. The local mayor is thrilled to show off the lovely battlezone. "We look forward to the… »7/28/09 12:30pm7/28/09 12:30pm