Why are we so fascinated by photographs of decaying buildings?

Even as we dream of shiny new futures, many of us are captivated by images of crumbling modern buildings — mental institutions that have faded from use, amusement parks reclaimed by nature, houses that will never again serve as homes. But why are we so fascinated by the art and archaeology of the very recent past? And… »11/28/13 12:00pm11/28/13 12:00pm

America's Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Park to Open for One Week Only

West Virginia's abandoned Lake Shawnee Amusement Park shut down back in 1966 and has laid in ruins ever since. Many believe Lake Shawnee to be horribly cursed. The park was built upon the site of a desecrated Native American burial ground, and was the location of a brutal massacre of settlers. This week it opens for… »10/23/13 5:08pm10/23/13 5:08pm

Next Weekend This Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park Will Open

October 5th marks the 20th anniversary of a little-known festival that takes place at North Carolina's abandoned Land of Oz theme park. The derelict park opens its doors to the public just once a year for "Autumn at Oz," where former employees and past visitors reminisce about this weird little amusement park. »9/29/13 1:28pm9/29/13 1:28pm