Sleepy Hollow Puts a Plague on Both Their Houses

With "John Doe," Sleepy Hollow confirmed two things we already knew. One, this show will give you everything it promises, delivering Horsemen at a steady clip even before midseason. Two, Colonial Williamsburg is out to get you. » 10/15/13 9:40am 10/15/13 9:40am

Sleepy Hollow Is a Shirtless Nightmare This Week

Sleepy Hollow has been on a two-week speed date with the Headless Horseman, Sheriff Abbie Mills, resurrectee Ichabod Crane, his remarkably sturdy coat, witches, and George Washington's New International Expository Bible. This week, it delivered a brisk dream-horror episode that managed to get everybody's shirts off. » 10/01/13 9:51am 10/01/13 9:51am