NBC and ABC Have Bible Shows In the Making: Is This The Hot New Trend?

I think we can officially call ourselves in the midst of a Biblical renaissance in pop culture — from Son of God (a 2014 movie made out of a 2013 miniseries called, of course, The Bible) to Noah, there's a lot of Bible, both old and new, out there. And now ABC and NBC have announced two more Bible-themed shows are in… » 1/26/15 1:00am 1/26/15 1:00am

See Howard Stark Give Peggy Her First Mission in This Agent Carter Clip

Tonight's Marvel special on ABC showed a scene and a short trailer for Agent Carter, which will start airing in January. It features the return of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and the introduction of James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis. » 11/04/14 11:00pm 11/04/14 11:00pm

The Official, Disney-Approved, Frozen Wedding Dress Is Finally Here

You can never accuse the Disney corporation of missing a merchandising opportunity. Crashing the money trains of both Frozen and the wedding industry, tonight Disney and designer Alfred Angelo unveiled the latest line of princess-inspired wedding dresses. » 10/08/14 9:00pm 10/08/14 9:00pm

Let's Get Lucas His Own Forever Spinoff

Yeah, yeah, there's an old acquaintance of Henry's whose death needs solving. But this week was the week Lucas stepped up, completely fucked up, and then broke a bunch of laws to redeem himself. I want to watch his show. » 10/08/14 1:30am 10/08/14 1:30am

See Lucy Lawless in Action in the First Two Minutes of Agents of SHIELD

The first two and half minutes of the season two premiere of Agents of SHIELD have been released, and we see a few old faces and are introduced to the skills of Lucy Lawless' Agent Isabelle Hartley and Nick Blood's Lance Hunter. Looks like there are some MacGuffins to find. » 9/16/14 9:00pm 9/16/14 9:00pm

You can watch the whole pilot of ABC's Forever on their site and on Hulu right now. The show stars Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan, a medical examiner who solves crimes and is an immortal trying to solve the mystery of his existence. » 9/04/14 12:00am 9/04/14 12:00am

A Charming Alphabet Series Explores the ABCs of Rocket Science

NASA is producing an alphabet book of rocket science to unravel the acronym soup surrounding the Orion multipurpose crew vehicle project. The result is a fantastic bit of retro-futuristic art and a perfect reading companion for budding geeks. » 7/29/14 8:31pm 7/29/14 8:31pm

Everything We Learned About Agent Carter at Comic-Con

It hasn't started shooting yet, but the newest Marvel TV show did reveal a fair amount about what's in store for Agent Carter when they do. There are returning characters, new Marvel characters being added, and some villains from the USSR. » 7/26/14 6:00am 7/26/14 6:00am

Here's The First Promo Art (And Synopsis) For The Agent Carter TV Show!

On Friday, ABC said it would renew Agents of SHIELD for a second season, but more exciting still was the network's half-season order of an Agent Carter TV series. Now that the pickup is official, Marvel has gone ahead and released the very first promo art for the series, along with an official synopsis. » 5/11/14 12:00pm 5/11/14 12:00pm

ABC's New TV Line Up Is Full Of Aliens, Singing Princes And Immortals

ABC is fully committing to being the network that delivers campy fairy tale shows. And now they're raised the bar, because their latest fairy tale show has the cast SINGING. Check out ABC's new scifi and supernatural TV line-up. » 5/09/14 8:45am 5/09/14 8:45am

The Agents Of SHIELD Survive For A Second Season

Good news for people who have stuck with Agents of SHIELD and watch it slowly turn into a fun, reasonably action-packed show with a compelling story and high stakes: ABC has renewed the show for next year, and approved a 13-episode Agent Carter series along with it. » 5/09/14 7:20am 5/09/14 7:20am

The Agent Carter TV series now has showrunners—and a script!

ABC hasn't ordered a pilot for the Agent Carter TV series yet, but things are looking promising for the show. ABC and Marvel have hired a pair of showrunners for the series and confirmed that actress Hayley Atwell will be involved. » 1/17/14 12:11pm 1/17/14 12:11pm

The series bible that sold ABC on Lost is full of lies

If you take a peek inside an early series guide to the TV series Lost, it's immediately clear that there are some major differences between that early production piece and the show itself. That's because the document served as a not entirely honest pitch to sell ABC executives on the series. » 9/21/13 8:00am 9/21/13 8:00am

ABC is definitely talking to Lucasfilm about a Star Wars TV show

Perhaps anticipating that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to get a jillion viewers and a bajillion in ad revenue, ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee is already looking at another major genre franchise to come to his channel — namely, Star Wars. » 8/05/13 10:10am 8/05/13 10:10am

S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't the only new genre show on ABC's agenda

We are bouncing-off-the-walls excited that ABC has officially picked up Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but that isn't the only genre show ABC has its eye on. ABC has released more details on S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as the other new shows the network has ordered for the 2013-2014 season. » 5/11/13 8:00am 5/11/13 8:00am

ABC Family clearly has no idea what Batman is

It's hard to imagine, given Batman's popularity and ubiquity over the last 80 years, that someone would not know the basic concept behind the caped crusader. And yet, not only do some people not know what Batman is all about, those people apparently all work in ABC Family's promo department, which made the above… » 4/11/13 4:30pm 4/11/13 4:30pm

ABC kills Zero Hour after 3 episodes

The wackiest show on television that no one was watching, Zero Hour has been cancelled after just three episodes. No more Nazi babies and brain codes to bust; ABC has decided to pull the plug on the conspiracy theory series after Thursday's episode only drew in about 5.1 million viewers. Non-celebrity Wife Swap and… » 3/02/13 10:00am 3/02/13 10:00am

New series Zero Hour is stupid, insane, and massively entertaining

Let me say this for Zer0 H0ur (or, as I will call it from this point on, Zero Hour, lest we all go mad from too many zeroes): It is fast-paced. Things happens quickly — the hour-long pilot zips from 1938 Germany to modern New York to the Arctic but also Bavaria — so viewers barely have a minute to think of how… » 2/15/13 9:30am 2/15/13 9:30am

Joss Whedon is already working on more scripts for ABC's S.H.I.E.L.D.

As far as we know, the pilot for the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series hasn't finished filming yet — but Joss Whedon is already working on scripts for the following episodes, according to ABC TV President Paul Lee. Lee told Crave Online's Fred Topel that the network is hoping Whedon will be involved in the day-to-day running of… » 1/10/13 1:36pm 1/10/13 1:36pm

ABC exorcises 666 Park Avenue from its schedule

ABC already canceled the real estate snuff porn show 666 Park Avenue, but now it turns out the final episodes of the first season have actually been pulled off the network's schedule. If any of you were hoping that 666 could get a last-minute reprieve if the ratings improved this spring... stop holding your breath. [EW » 12/21/12 2:27pm 12/21/12 2:27pm