Ufology Flies Over The Ivory Tower

What can you do with a PhD in UFOs? Martin Plowman is about to find out. This Saturday, the University of Melbourne will award Plowman Australia's first-ever graduate degree in ufology. Do you wish you could write your thesis on flying saucers? Click through to see just what such a course of study entails.Plowman,… » 8/04/08 12:49pm 8/04/08 12:49pm

Abducting Humans Is Never Easy

Disney / Pixar's short film Lifted actually screened in theaters before Ratatouille, but if you never saw this flick in theaters, you might have missed this little gem of a short. Directed by Gary Rydstrom (who has been nominated for 14 Academy Awards and won three, all for sound design), its the story of an… » 2/21/08 3:00pm 2/21/08 3:00pm