This Week's Comics Tend Toward The Classic

It's a week of classic comics arriving in your local stores - and none of them featuring underage girls being called jailbait anything, never mind words that we really shouldn't be using on the front page of a tasteful website like this one. But if you're looking to rediscover classic manga, mourn the end of a classic… » 9/16/08 9:00am 9/16/08 9:00am

Where Hellboy Came From, And Where He's Going

So by now, I'm sure that you've all rushed out to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army and become enamored with Guillermo Del Toro's imagery (if not his writing). But you may have left the theater wondering, what's the story with Hellboy anyway? That's where we come in. Under the jump, a brief history of Hellboy in comics… » 7/12/08 3:00pm 7/12/08 3:00pm

Behind Abe's Big Fish Eyes: io9 Talks To Hellboy II's Doug Jones

Doug Jones is the man behind almost all of your favorite creepy crawlies from Guillermo del Toro's imagination. In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Jones plays three of the most surreal characters, including everyone's favorite fish man Abe Sapien. We got a chance to catch up with Doug and talk about the behind-the-scenes… » 7/11/08 8:20am 7/11/08 8:20am

More Monstery Goodness in New Hellboy II Trailer

Yahoo's got the full theatrical trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and once again it's clear that director Guillermo Del Toro won't be skimping on the monsters. Here we get to see more of the Golden Army itself, and the plot arc becomes clearer. Creatures from one of those other hellish dimensions have come to… » 4/03/08 1:11pm 4/03/08 1:11pm