The Most Badass Sailor Moon Redesigns The Internet Has To Offer

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts have gone through their share of costume changes, but these tough, gorgeous, and just plain adorable fan redesigns go bit farther than we see in the comics, TV shows, and movies, giving us bikers, warriors, space adventurers, and punks all rooted in Usagi and her friends. » 8/12/14 8:00am 8/12/14 8:00am

Sailor Moon gets retro-cool with these space pulp redesigns

Abigail L. Dela Cruz gives Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts a set of outfits befitting a crew of planetary princesses. Now we want to watch them fight the forces of Queen Beryl with their color-coordinated ray guns. » 9/15/13 10:00am 9/15/13 10:00am