Science Fiction Movies That Start With Deep Personal Monologues

Some science fiction movies start out with a more personal touch — one character giving an internal monologue about their feelings. Either it's a character being introspective, or it's some kind of noir deal, where the person talks about their pain in a hardcore, tough-guy way. Here are some of our faves: »6/12/09 12:00pm6/12/09 12:00pm

Jesse "The Body" Ventura Goes on an Easy-Listening Punching Spree

So here's the deal: Abraxas (played by Jesse "The Body" Ventura) is the star of early-1990s masterpiece Abraxas. He's a "Finder," a special space cop who lives for hundreds of years and has been treated with "ozone layering" and some other weird crap to make him ultra-strong and mega-whatever. He's tracking a rogue… »5/16/08 11:48pm5/16/08 11:48pm