Aaron Eckhart is the world's sexiest Frankenstein monster

No, your eyes don't deceive you — that's Aaron Eckhart and every single one of his abdominal muscles as "Adam Frankenstein," star of Liongate's I, Frankenstein, based on Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel. And yes, I assure you, he is playing the monster. The sexy, sexy monster. » 7/11/13 4:30pm 7/11/13 4:30pm

Doctor Whittles Washboard Abs In Human Flesh

Washboard abs, previously available only through a diet of one grape a day plus forty billion situps at night, are now available through convenient day surgery. However, you have to be in fairly good shape already in order to get this, which makes us wonder if it's all worth it. When we want our body modification, we… » 11/08/07 2:55pm 11/08/07 2:55pm