Publicly funded British research will be freely accessible to citizens within 2 years

It's been a big year for proponents of the open-science revolution. In January, an angry blog post quickly transformed into a clarion call within the scientific community over the exorbitant cost of academic journal subscriptions. In May, the British government announced it would be collaborating with Wikipedia… »7/16/12 4:30pm7/16/12 4:30pm


How one mathematician's angry blog post led to 9,000 scientists starting a revolution

Back in February, we told you a little about the scientific revolution that is being spurred by the rising cost of academic journals. At the time, there were questions over whether the movement could gain the momentum it would need to move forward — after all, people have been objecting about the paywalls of private… »4/10/12 2:20pm4/10/12 2:20pm