An absurdly cheerful music video about all the dumbest ways to die

The folks at Melbourne, Australia's Metro Trains wanted to discourage people from being morons near train tracks, so they commissioned this super catchy, weirdly adorable music video cataloging all the dumbest ways to die. It's all the dead guys and gals dancing during the chorus that really sells it. More PSAs… »11/17/12 1:30pm11/17/12 1:30pm

The flaming apron that sparked the invention of gun cotton and the motion picture industry

Gun cotton, or nitrocellulose, is a staple of a certain era of science fiction — and a certain era of firerarms. In the mid-nineteenth century, it was called 'smokeless powder' and used by the French military. Meanwhile, Jules Verne was using it, in his novels, to launch things into space and fight off bad guys. And… »8/26/11 10:00am8/26/11 10:00am

Ambulances Called, Show Stopped After 'Big Accident' During Spider-Man Musical

Uh-oh: According to several people in the audience of tonight's show, the Bono-penned, Julie Taymor-directed Spider-Man musical Turn off the Dark just stopped a performance mid-show after an actor was involved in a 'big accident'—possibly a two-story fall. »12/21/10 1:04am12/21/10 1:04am

Luckily, it seems as though the actor involved is okay,… »12/21/10 1:04am12/21/10 1:04am