18 Marvel Superheroes and Villains That Desperately, Desperately Need Action Figures

Hasbro has made hundreds of Marvel action figures over the years, but when you’re dealing with a comic universe of thousands, there are plenty of deserving heroes and villains who can slip through the cracks. Here are a dozen and a half Marvel characters—some obscure, some overdue, and some shockingly excluded—who… »9/08/15 1:20pm9/08/15 1:20pm

9 Star Wars Toys That Were Canceled Before Anybody Could Buy Them

Star Wars merchandising is infamous for making a toy out of almost everything in the movies and beyond. That fervor is something we’ll be seeing again next month, when new toys for The Force Awakens come out. But not every Star Wars toy planned has actually been released! Here are nine that never saw the light of day. »8/18/15 1:00pm8/18/15 1:00pm

Christ, Not Even Jurassic World's Dinosaur Toys Are Allowed to Be Female

The omnipresent practice of denying girls action figures has somehow hit a new low. Remember how in the Jurassic World movie, most of the dinosaurs—especially Chris Pratt’s Raptor squad—were constantly referred to as girls? Well, as Jurassic World action figures, they’ve all been genderswapped into boys. »6/25/15 10:30am6/25/15 10:30am