How can you tell if you are suffering from Future Shock?

It's been four decades since futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler predicted a wave of "future shock," the sensation of panic and unease that happens when people are "overwhelmed by change." And, depending on who you talk to you, we're either in the middle of a huge epidemic of future shock, with people struggling to… »2/04/13 5:00pm2/04/13 5:00pm


That guy eating an obnoxiously large burger is probably just overcompensating for something

Humans are notoriously awful at monitoring what scientists refer to as "size-to-status" relationships. It's why we associate bigger cars, bigger houses, and bigger televisions with greater social position, and why we'll shell out the extra cash (which is sometimes more than we can actually afford) to snatch up some of… »10/24/11 7:37pm10/24/11 7:37pm