Crowdfund a futuristic model city made of LEGO and documentary about an…

The cities of River Rouge, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, have been unable to find the source of a mysterious hum emanating from Zug Island. One documentary filmmaker is picking up the reins on the investigation, if he can get a little funding help. You can also help fund a LEGO artist this week, a man on a mission… » 4/07/13 12:00pm 4/07/13 12:00pm

A beautiful music video whose handmade effects will fill you with awe

Sometimes you need something heartfelt and sappy, especially when it's a gorgeous music video all about the wonders of the natural world. Adam Makarenko directed this new video for Canadian singer-songwriter Royal Wood, and he writes in to io9 to explain that it was all done with "stop motion miniatures made to feel… » 3/06/13 12:04pm 3/06/13 12:04pm

This photograph of a truck isn't what it seems

This is not a truck. Adam Makarenko creates slightly paranormal stories using photographs of meticulously-crafted miniatures. Here you're peeking at part of a tale that dreamily evokes a beehive's life. First, the bees are stacked in their boxes on the back of a truck — transported to a new home. Later, they join the… » 5/15/12 7:40am 5/15/12 7:40am