Space Heroes Who Should Get Movies if Guardians of the Galaxy is a Hit

Will Guardians of the Galaxy be the next Avengers, or the next Green Lantern? Or something in between? Only time will tell — but everybody's dying to see whether Marvel's huge, ambitious bet pays off. And if it does, here are a dozen other space heroes who could rock their own movies. » 2/24/14 12:17pm 2/24/14 12:17pm

The Movie Projects that Michael Bay Should Do Next

Michael Bay keeps denying that he's really going to do a fourth Transformers movie. Which shows that he hasn't completely lost his mind. Michael Bay is an artist, who needs to branch out and try something new, before he loses all his cred. Michael Bay should spread his groovy wings, man. » 12/01/11 2:22pm 12/01/11 2:22pm

Pope Does Dune? More Please

Fresh from spending twelve weeks reworking SF hero Adam Strange in DC Comics' oversized Wednesday Comics series, comic god Paul Pope takes on another sci-fi classic on his blog: Frank Herbert's Dune. Click through for more goodness. » 10/02/09 8:40am 10/02/09 8:40am

Pope Talks DJing, Comics And Eternal Experiences

Comicsdestroyer Paul Pope is a true renaissance man, visiting SDCC this year as a DJ instead of just cartooning genius. We talked to him about DJing, music, comics, "pure" fantasy and why kids need new heroes. » 7/22/09 5:00pm 7/22/09 5:00pm

DC Comics Goes Big, Retro For New Weekly Series

Want to relive the Sunday comics of your youth but with better writing and art? DC Comics' newly-announced weekly Wednesday Comics will give you that chances... and also introduce you to some amazing creators. » 3/20/09 7:30am 3/20/09 7:30am

Digging Deep: 24 Science Fiction Archaeologists

What's the best part about living in the distant future? There's so much more past for you to explore! We take a look at some of science fiction's most illustrious antiquarians. » 3/14/09 9:00am 3/14/09 9:00am

The Sickest Teleportation Accidents In The Universe

Sure, teleportation sounds like a good idea, but just remember: it always goes wrong. It's hard to believe a process that involves ripping your molecules apart and then jamming them together thousands of miles away could possibly have any safety risks, but there you are. Sometimes the copy isn't quite as good as the… » 9/19/08 4:30pm 9/19/08 4:30pm

Reprints And Retcons Get Eclipsed By Mars In This Week's Comics

It's somewhat of a catching-your-breath week at the comic store, following on from the holiday weekend and last week's barrage of DC books. That's not to say that there are fewer » 9/03/08 9:00am 9/03/08 9:00am books making their way to stores on Thursday — that holiday Monday knocking the regular release date forward a day, unless you're Canadian,…