This book is the perfect gift for the weird kid in your life

Adam-Troy Castro rocked our world with his Andrea Cort novels and stories (and later today, we're republishing a story of his that just appeared in Lightspeed Magazine.) So we were thrilled to see that he's written a children's book, Gustav Gloom and the People Taker. It's the story of a weird little boy living in a… » 9/07/12 9:37am 9/07/12 9:37am

Some of the Coolest Space War Stories You've Ever Seen

War and Space: Recent Combat, from editors Rich Horton and Sean Wallace is possibly one of the finest anthologies that I've ever come across. This anthology looks at the nature of war, and how it might impact our future civilizations in space. Fans of high-octane stories with lots of action might be let down by the… » 7/25/12 8:00am 7/25/12 8:00am

Through These Mean Megastructures, A Woman Must Walk

The Third Claw Of God, the second novel in Adam-Troy Castro's Andrea Cort novels, confirms this series really is something special: the story of a hard-assed former child war criminal who flies around the galaxy solving crimes committed in exotic megastructures. But it's even better than that sounds. Spoilers ahead! » 5/27/09 12:21pm 5/27/09 12:21pm

A.I.s Are The Only Witnesses To Murder Over A Toxic Abyss

I was incredibly excited when I saw that Adam-Troy Castro, one of my favorite short-story writers, had finally published a novel. And Emissaries From The Dead is as great as I'd hoped, a noirish murder mystery set inside an artificial environment created by A.I.s for some unknown purpose. As with the best detective… » 4/28/08 1:00pm 4/28/08 1:00pm