Watch James Bond's new title sequence from Skyfall right now!

Daniel Kleinman is back and making beautiful Bond intros again! Kleinman, who made almost every Bond title sequence for years (about six films total) was cruelly passed over on Quantum of Solace. But he's returned to make beautiful title art for Skyfall. Don't get us wrong, we love MK12's QOS intro, but it was a… » 11/14/12 3:20pm 11/14/12 3:20pm

The Horde Serves Up Frenchie Zombie Death Plus Superman's Monster Movie

This week: Check out the first real trailer for cops and robbers zombie tale, The Horde, see what foul beast is troubling Dean Cain and meet the amazing "Lady Indiana Jones," who not only looks amazing, but works with dragons. » 12/27/09 4:00pm 12/27/09 4:00pm

Frozen French Femme Fights Ferocious Fearsomes

Director Luc Besson's company EuropaCorp announced today that they have acquired the rights to Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc-Sec, a French graphic novel series that's been published since 1976. Adele Blanc-Sec, a popular novelist turned journalist, investigates mysterious happenings as a sort of one-woman … » 1/28/08 3:30pm 1/28/08 3:30pm