Why Ms Marvel Is One Of Comics' Most Interesting Discourses On Violence

Superheroes fight. They punch. They zap supervillains and toss them around. Sometimes they kill people and sometimes they die. But, as a recent essay points out, the current Ms. Marvel does an excellent job of asking the question: does a superhero really have to hurt other people? » 1/03/15 12:00pm 1/03/15 12:00pm

Marvel's Runaways Movie On Ice Until After The Avengers

Brian K. Vaughan's The Runaways could be the superhero movie we've been waiting for, thanks to its relatable teen characters and cool premise. The bad news is, Marvel's put this film on hold. Why? Blame The Avengers. » 8/15/11 11:20am 8/15/11 11:20am