Meet Adrien Brody's Answer To Arnie, In New Predators Featurette

There's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Adrien Brody can fill in the giant combat boots of his Predator predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out the latest behind-the-scenes video about Brody's character: Royce, the shirtless mercenary. » 3/25/10 7:30am 3/25/10 7:30am

Adrien Brody Gained 25 Pounds, Gave Up Sex For Predators

We just saw more footage from Robert Rodriguez's and Nimród Antal's Predators at SXSW 2010 — including a clip featuring our first meeting with Laurence Fishburne's sole survivor. And Adrien Brody explained to us how he prepared to star in Predators. Spoilers explode below! » 3/13/10 10:00am 3/13/10 10:00am

Predators' Menacing Cast Revealed: Adrien Brody, And Maybe Topher Grace

Robert Rodriguez has finally announced his team of Predator-fighting action stars, featuring... skinny indie actor Adrien Brody? Jesse "the Body," he is not. Plus Topher Grace might be in the cast as well. Meet the new team of rapscallions. » 10/07/09 7:00am 10/07/09 7:00am